Learnopia saves money and lowers risk

You pay nothing in hosting fees
You pay nothing for merchant accounts
You pay nothing for software licenses
Increased reach to new worldwide audiences
Affiliate payments made for you
Fee for service only after products are sold
Automatic database collection of contact information
24/7/365 access to your material for purchase and delivery around the world

Referrals - 3 more ways to earn money

  • If you refer a teacher who signs up and starts selling courses, you earn 2.5% of every course that teacher sells for their entire lifetime.
  • If you refer a student to Learnopia.com and they purchase a course within 30 days of your referral you earn up to 65% of the course price.
  • If you refer a student who signs up and starts enrolling in courses, you earn 2.5% of every paying course they ever take.

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A Trusted and Relieable Platform

When taking courses online, one never knows what the environment will be used for actually taking the course. With Learnopia.com, you know exactly what you're getting, because it's the same, every time. Our systems have been carefully designed to be simple to use, yet extremely powerful. Video is streamed online, audio files are streamed and also offered as a download. PDF & Powerpoint files are posted within the system, and are easily downloadable. Each course has the option for student discussion boards and messaging systems.

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