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Learnopia's online learning community was designed to meet the needs of the majority of individual teachers looking to post and sell their courses online with an easy to learn application. This same learning management system (LMS) is now available to corporations, organizations and non-profits who are looking to train staff or sell their training online with their own separate application. This SaaS (Software as a Service) solution allows organizations or teachers with a large audience to run their very own branded LMS, containing just their own courses, and delivered to their students. As SaaS this mean that all the new and upgraded features of Learnopia, as they are developed, will be included in each application, to continually enhance the learning experience of the students. Corporate Learnopia s a full-featured LMS with a lot functionality for delivering online courses.

The Learnopia Corporate solution will provide the following critical features:

  • Application Set-Up
  • Course Set-Up
  • Advanced Course Search Capabilities
  • Unlimited Number of Students, Teachers & Affiliates
  • Search Engine Friendly URLs
  • Merchant Account Integration
  • Customizable Pricing
  • User Management
  • Course Certificate creation
  • Multiple Course Materials formats including video, audio, PDF, PowerPoint & Zip files
  • Test & Exam functionality
  • Communication Tools
  • Discussion Boards
  • Mail and Email messaging
  • Performance Tracking & Management
  • Reporting Tools
  • Accounting Tools
  • Multiple Teacher accounts
  • Affiliate Network creation
Learnopia Corporate Solutions

There are two main types of solutions that Learnopia provides.

Learnopia Corporate Sales

This solution, for an organization that has a teacher or group of teachers, that sell online courses, with a high volume of enrollments to the public. Having the Learnopia Corporate LMS will allow the organization to have their very own brand, under their own domain and sell courses to their own students. The system allows for the creation of an affiliate network, to reward those who send students and teachers to the site. The application would use the client's own merchant provider, and so they would receive 100% of the proceeds of each course sold. The system has accounting features built in to track sales, and pay the affiliates and/or teachers.

Learnopia Corporate Internal

For the organization looking to train its staff, vendors, contractors and volunteers and keep track of performance, as well as test for comprehension, the Corporate Internal is the solution. This full-featured LMS would allow organization to set up training accounts for each of their members, enroll them in courses, track which materials they have viewed, and test to see they understand what is being taught. The application allows for a single trainer or multiple trainers to set-up courses, interact with students in their courses, and see test results as they complete them.

Corporate versus Community

The Learnopia Community was set up to allow teachers to sell their online courses risk-free. There is no set-up fee, we take care of the merchant account as well as support, and only charge a reasonable 25% fee for every course sold. Learnopia Corporate can be more suited for some companies for the following reasons:

1) The Company would likely generate over $320,000 in first year sales (see graph below)

2) The Company would like to use the software to deliver learning material internally

3) The Company would like to have the LMS 100% branded to their organization

4) The Company wants to use their own merchant account

5) The Company would prefer an upfront cost over the ongoing 25% fee

The following graph shows the associate costs versus the costs for both Learnopia Corporate and Learnopia Community.

This charts shows that $320,000 in first year sales is the breakeven point. This means that the Corporate solution set-up would be paid for, and going forward, the company would only have to generate $120,000 per year in sales to be more advantageous than the Community solution.

Please keep in mind that the 25% fee through the Learnopia Community covers a number of expenses that are not reflected by the Learnopia Corporate expenses in the above graph: merchant fees, student support, etc.

Below is a chart to further illustrate the differences between Learnopia's Corporate and Community solutions.


All aspects of Set-Up included

Setting up an online learning environment can be a very daunting task with a lot of different aspects to considered before it is finally up and running. With the Learnopia Corporate solution, we handle all aspects of getting your system up and running. Our staff will be involved each step of the way in setting up the initial customized application. This includes branding the application for your organization, customizing the layout and template, set-up of initial courses, merchant account integration, setting up initial teacher and student accounts, redirecting domain names, and training your staff on how to use the application effectively.


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