Teacher Pricing Details

From top to bottom Learnopia.com was developed to be a simple solution for all of its users.  The pricing model is no exception.  For teachers wishing to create an account and to post a free course, there are absolutely no fees at all.  If you wish to sell your course, Learnopia.com will charge a 25% fee on any sales you make.  There are no signup fees, no monthly fees.

No Signup Fees.  No Monthly Fees. 
Learnopia.com simply adds 25% to anything you sell.

A Reseller Model

Unlike many other online learning platforms, Learnopia.com is setup in a reseller model.  You maintain the full rights to your materials, we simply purchase a copy of your course from you at the very moment that a customer wishes to purchase it.  We add 25% to the price that you determine.  You have access to change the price and control the end price to the marketplace at all times.  Learnopia.com then pays you, as a vendor, once a month.  All sales are reported in real-time and we even have accounting tools built in for you.

If you wish to take part in our growing affiliate network, you can choose to offer a portion of the sale price to affiliates.  This is a powerful way to increase your sales and have your course reach more people.  In real-time, you are able to determine an affiliate payout rate (5%-70%). Obviously the higher the affiliate payout, the more incentive there is to promote your courses. All affiliate tracking and reporting is done automatically in Learnopia.com and we take care of the payouts.  Affiliate fees are deducted from your course price and Learnopia.com takes care of the rest for you. You only pay affiliate fees if the course was actually sold through an affiliate!

A Few Examples

To help you better understand the pricing model, here are a few examples for you to consider:

Minimum 10% Affiliate Payout
65% Teacher Payout
25% Learnopia.com Fee
10% Affiliate Payout
Maximum 70% Affiliate Payout
5% Teacher Payout
25% Learnopia.com Fee
70% Affiliate Payout
Average 40% Affiliate Payout
35% Teacher Payout
25% Learnopia.com Fee
40% Affiliate Payout

What the 25% Covers

Learnopia.com adds a 25% markup to all course that are sold.  This fee is used to cover the many details required in delivering digital materials, such as; merchant fees, server costs, bandwidth and storage, etc.  The 25% fee also covers the payout to affiliates that introduce a teacher and/or student to Learnopia.com (have a look at the affiliate section for more details). When factoring in variable costs such as bandwidth, storage, technical support (all of which Learnopia.com covers), Learnopia.com provides the most cost efficient delivery of these materials even if you sell thousands of courses, for thousands of dollars

No surprises

We are up-front with all our fees.  No surprises.  Learnopia.com receives two separate fees.  There is the primary 25% on any course sales. The second fee only occurs on affiliate transactions where Learnopia.com takes a 5% Affiliate Network fee as we work together with the affiliate network in finding and helping students to take your course.

Please take a moment to view our Teacher overview video.  This will help you better understand the features available to Teachers, including the real-time pricing controls.

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