E-learning market to surpass $52.6 billion by the end 2010

It is predicted that the eLearning market will hit $52.6 Billion by 2010. With an already strong foothold in the enterprise sector, e-learning is advancing in K-12 and higher education teaching environments, according to San Jose, CA-based market researchers Global Industry Analysts, which project the global e-learning market to surpass $52.6 billion by the end 2010.

Already the 2007 U.S. e-learning market is $17.5 billion according to "eLearning: A Global Strategic Business Report," a report recently published by Global Industry Analysts. Besides market size, the report covers market trends, challenges, forces driving the market, technologies, and types of end users and profiles of e-learning usage broken down by geography.

While Europe and Japan lag on e-learning adoption compared to the United States (U.S. enterprise e-learning adoption accounts for 60 percent of the market, while Europe's accounts for 15 percent), overall usage of e-learning in Asia is expected to reach a compound annual growth rate of 25 percent to 30 percent through 2010, according to the firm. Worldwide that rate should hit between 15 percent and 30 percent, the report states.

The key driver for e-learning usage is attributed to an increased number of solutions and services. However, the report warns that a lack of interoperability standards could stifle e-learning's growth.

The US market for Self-paced eLearning will reach $16.7 billion in 2009 according to a new report by Ambient Insight called, "The US Market for Self-paced eLearning Products and Services: 2009-2014 Forecast and Analysis." The demand for online training is growing by 7.4% and revenues will reach $23.8 billion by 2014.

This report forecasts e-learning and online training expenditures by eight buyer segments: consumer; corporations; federal government; state and local government; PreK-12 academic; higher education; non-profits and associations; and healthcare. Corporations will be the top online training buyers throughout the forecast period, followed by higher education and the PreK-12 e-learning buyers.

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Posted: April 21, 2010

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