Learnopia Beta Launch

Learnopia.com is an online learning community that allows teachers, students and affiliates to collaborate.  Teachers are able to create, host, and sell (or give away for free) their online courses. Students can easily find high quality learning materials and add a new skill for their career, or learn a new hobby. Affiliates can market premium courses and even earn a “lifetime” of extra income by just letting others know about our services.

Learnopia.com is still undergoing final testing before its official release. It is our hope that this short beta period will help us to minimize any errors we have on the site as well as improved its usability. 

If you encounter a bug, glitch or lack of functionality while you are using the Learnopia.com system, please let us know. We are eager and excited to make the system better, with your suggestions and help. 

When reporting a bug, there are several pieces of information that are often very useful in reproducing and fixing the bugs on our end:

A set of steps that caused the problem you found. If you can successfully follow these steps and cause the problem again, this will greatly increase the chance that we can see and fix the problem.

The URL (web site address) you were on when the issue occurred. Please make sure to provide us the exact web-site URL that you were at when the error occurred as well as the browser you are using (for example http://www.learnopia.com/about/beta/)

What happened? Please describe the result or you actions. Did an error appear on the screen, was text misaligned? Simply describe what you saw that you didn't like.

What did you expect to happen? Sometimes the problem is that we have designed something to behave differently than you expected. By telling us what you were expecting and why, it can help us realize why something should work differently than we intended.

Obviously not every report is going to have all of the information listed above, but generally, the more information you can provide about a problem, the more likely it will be that we can get the problem addressed.

 Any information added during Learnopia's Beta period (including accounts, courses, comments, etc...) will NOT be deleted when the beta period is over.

Thank you for your patience and assistance during this beta phase.

The Learnopia Team

* What is Beta Software? After an initial round of in-house testing, software publishers (like our team here at Learnopia.com) often release programs to be tested by the public. These pre-release versions are called beta software. Since the publisher couldn't possibly test the software under all possible conditions, it is reasonable to expect that wider use of the software may uncover problems that were not discovered during in-house testing. The publisher expects to be notified when users find such problems so that the program can be fixed before its official release.

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Posted: June 17, 2010

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